Watch the Carrier Dome roof deflate


The Carrier Dome is no longer a dome. Sort of.

The building remains, but the famed white, inflatable, puffy-looking roof that has stood tall on the Syracuse University campus for the past 40 years is no more. It was deflated Monday as part of construction on The Dome.

A modern roof is coming to the structure that holds numerous SU athletic events, concerts and more. Say goodbye to the days of the air locks, when gusts of air pushed you out 10 yards as you walked out into a crisp, 15-degree Syracuse night.

We’ll always have those memories.

There are few college sports venues as well known as The Dome. It holds on-campus record crowds for college basketball games and is one of just a few indoor venues for college football — and arguably the most famous.

The old roof could be seen from miles away and was one of the most well-known figures in Syracuse’s skyline, but major updates have been in the works for the past year and a half.

The updated Dome will eventually include numerous changes, including a fixed roof and air conditioning. You can follow the latest updates here.

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