Gary Cohen takes dig at cheating Astros during virtual Mets broadcast – New York Post


Major League Baseball may have stopped, but the trolling and jeering of the Houston Astros for their infamous cheating scandal sure hasn’t.

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During a Mets vs. Astros “MLB: The Show” simulation on Tuesday, the Mets broadcast booth of Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez and Ron Darling had a good laugh at the Astros’ expense while calling the virtual game.

“You can hear very little from the crowd tonight, it almost feels like you’re playing in a library,” Cohen said on the SNY stream. “Which would mean that any sound that might be emanating from the dugout, say, the sound of a trash can being banged, would be quite formidable.”

Before the coronavirus pandemic postponed Opening Day, Astros players were taking the brunt of the criticism for the organization’s systemic use of sign-stealing technology.

The franchise was fined $5 million, docked four total draft picks and general manager Jeff Luhnow and manager A.J. Hinch were banned from baseball for a year, but fans delivered their version of a punishment throughout spring training. People banged on trash cans, heckled players in the dugout and brought creative signs to express their feelings toward the scandal.

It appears even broadcast booths need to get their shots in.

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