Giants offense will be similar to Jason Garrett’s in Dallas –


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The Giants likely won’t see the field until training camp. They have a second-year quarterback.

Yet, their offense isn’t going to look a lot like it did last season. Instead, it’s going to look more like the 2019 Dallas offense with former Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett now the Giants’ offensive coordinator.

“I think schematically the easiest way to describe [the offense] to the outside world right now is you know it’s going to be similarly based on what Jason’s done in Dallas,” Judge said via a conference call with beat reporters Tuesday, via Patricia Traina of “There’s going to be some similarities, but it’s got to cater to the players we have on our roster.”

Judge stressed Garrett will tailor the offense to the team’s personnel, which includes quarterback Daniel Jones, running back Saquon Barkley, tight end Evan Engram and receivers Golden Tate and Sterling Shepard.

“It’s a collection of what Jason’s put together throughout his career,” Judge said. “There’s going to be similarities in some regards to Daniel. I can’t tell you concrete-wise what that’s going to be. But there’s a lot of ‘cousin concepts’ in every offense.”

In Garrett’s 13 seasons as the Cowboys’ offensive coordinator or head coach, Dallas ranked in the top seven in total yards seven times. They were No. 1 last season and ranked sixth in scoring.

The Giants ranked 23rd in total offense last season and 18th in scoring.

The verbiage in Garrett’s offense has similarities with Alabama’s, Judge said, as Garrett worked for Nick Saban for two years with the Dolphins.

“Once you work under somebody, you develop your style, but you borrow a lot from that person that you just left,” Judge said. “Whether it’s as simple as verbiage, terminology, you know, philosophies on route running, past protections, all those things there. I would say, there’s gonna be some similarities with Daniel, but I would not say there’s a carryover in any way, shape, or form from his rookie year.”

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