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Houston Rockets forward Bruno Caboclo is the first NBA player to have broken the quarantine rules of the bubble. ESPN has confirmed that Caboclo ‘inadvertently’ broke quarantine and will have to spend a further 8 days in isolation before he can leave his room again. According to Tim MacMahon, Caboclo wasn’t aware that he had to stay in his room during the initial quarantine period.

Caboclo is one of the fringe players on the Rockets squad. He has been considered a player with a lot of potential for a while now but is yet to live up to the billing. He has played just 5 games for the Rockets this year and has scored a total of 10 points. The 24-year old is already on his fourth NBA team and his NBA career extending to another season looks bleak. Caboclo has averaged 4.2 points in his career and hasn’t even played 100 games.

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The Rockets aren’t adversely affected by this move. Caboclo was unlikely to have featured in any significant way during this bubble season. Along with that, he is just expected to spend an extra week in his room, which means he will be available before the games begin on July 30. Caboclo is one of the tallest players on the team, which means that the Rockets will face more issues with size on the court. Caboclo’s 6’9 frame helped him be a usable asset in the small-ball Houston lineup.

The players on the Rockets and in the league need to be more careful about the rules of the bubble. Just like Caboclo, there can be players that forget certain rules that are in place. This can lead to further suspensions when the games begin, which will be detrimental to the teams. This could serve as a good example of how easily the bubble rules can be broken.

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