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Everyone has a hobby. Martin McCaulay’s has been to squat on trademarks for the possible next name of the Washington NFL franchise.

He has given plenty of interviews in recent days, and he has been active on his Twitter page, sharing various thoughts and predictions regarding the team’s expedite process to change its name.

Most recently, McCaulay has made clear the reasons for his decision to claim the rights to so many potential names: “I want them to change the name and am embarrassed if I did anything that slows that down. I thought if I hoarded all the good names that would keep someone else who might be a pain in the neck from getting them.”

McCaulay repeatedly has said he’s willing to give the trademarks to the team for free, but that he reached out to the team more than a week ago and hasn’t gotten a response.

“I wish they would tell me what I need to do to get out of their way to change the name if I am some obstacle,” McCaulay said.

McCaulay also believes that four viable options currently exist for a new name, if a new name will be adopted before the start of the 2020 season: Redtails, Renegades, Redhawks, and Americans. He holds comprehensive trademark rights for all four names.

The popular Red Wolves option will be more difficult to implement quickly. Arkansas State University holds those rights and currently is fighting in court a Tennessee soccer team that is using the same name.

Whatever the new name will be, it will be critical for Washington to own all relevant trademark rights. Otherwise, it won’t be able to sell merchandise bearing the name — and whoever holds the rights will.

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