Bill Belichick records a Subway commercial, apparently – NBC Sports – NFL


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Quick, who’s the coach you’d least expect to be doing a commercial for Subway or pretty much any other product? Well he’s doing one.

Via NBC Sports Boston, Patriots coach Bill Belichick was spotted outside a Subway shop in Branford, Connecticut, with camera crew and all the other objective evidence that Belichick involving in something that was being filmed.

It’s an unusual turn for the notoriously reticent and private coach. But money talks, and enough of it could get Belichick to talk, too.

Besides, with the rules for training camp still unresolved, it’s not as if there’s anything Belichick can be doing to prepare for the launch of football season. Once the rules are known, he’ll undoubtedly be back in a #NoDaysOff posture.

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