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Some internet sleuthing led to endless jokes about Keanu Reeves and “The Replacements” on Wednesday morning.

Washington’s NFL team is still searching for a nickname after retiring the old one after years of controversy. Trademark issues might be holding up an announcement of a new name. Then there was an unexpected candidate revealed.

A Reddit user found that the same entity that runs “” had registered the domain “” Sentinels was the name of the fictional team in the fictional 2000 movie “The Replacements,” starring Reeves.

Hence, the jokes. “Sentinels” was trending on Twitter on Wednesday morning.

‘Sentinels’ would throw back to a popular movie

Following trademark filings or new website domains isn’t always an accurate way of solving puzzles like this, but there hasn’t been any other news out of Washington on the nickname change.

It’s the furthest thing from official, but at least somewhat interesting:

It didn’t take long for people to make the connection to the old football comedy about a group of replacement players led by quarterback Shane Falco, played by Reeves.

Washington continues to search for a new nickname

Warriors and RedTails had been considered the favorites to be Washington’s new nickname, but as time goes on, perhaps the trademark issues or other factors have team owner Daniel Snyder to look elsewhere.

Sentinels was also reportedly considered for Washington’s XFL team name, but it’s most recognizable from the movie. It seems weird a team would want a name from an old movie, but it’s not like that hasn’t happened in sports before.

With one of the 32 NFL teams operating without a nickname as teams get set to report to camp, we wait and wonder what it will be. Internet detectives will be on the case in trying to find out the new name.

Keanu Reeves would probably approve of a new Washington Sentinels name. (Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)

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