Five observations from the Blackhawks Game 1 win over the Oilers – The Athletic


It was a nightmare start for the Blackhawks.

Olli Maatta jumping over the boards, casually skating into the play, realizing he was the sixth Blackhawks player on the ice and hurrying to get back. It was too late. He was seen and the penalty was called.

The Blackhawks had broken the No. 1 rule 1 minute, 27 seconds into the game. They handed the Edmonton Oilers, the team with the best power play, a power play. And 1:07 after doing that, Connor McDavid scored a power-play goal.

Sure, it was just one goal, but it could have been a crippling goal. Hockey games have been decided by less.

But it wouldn’t be the difference on Saturday. No, the Blackhawks would respond and respond and respond and respond again.

It was over like that.

The first intermission hadn’t even arrived, and everyone knew the Blackhawks had knocked out the Oilers with four consecutive goals. The Blackhawks were leading 4-1 after one period. And even if…

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